Date posted: 23. 08. 2016 | Category: NEWS

44th International Fine Art Colonys, Lendava 2016 – Casting in Bronze

Glava odlivanjeOn 22 August 2016 the 44th International Fine Arts Colony Lendava – Casting in Bronze started at Lendava Castle.

Participating artists: Ferenc Király, Jure Markota and Mojca Smerdu from Slovenia, János Lipovics and Gábor Veres from Hungary, Vladimir Gašparić Gap from Croatia.

The artists get help from caster Róbert Márfai and chasing-master László Gere and also from the stuff of Gallery-Museum Lendava. The fine art colony is managed by Franc Gerič.

The colony lasts until 5 September 2016.

The resulting artworks will be on display at the Attic Gallery of Lendava Castle.

PHOTOS: Casting in bronze

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