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GML staff at Bogračfest 2012

Bogračfest 2012

On 25th August 2012, the staff and members of   Gallery-Museum Lendava were at the event Bogračfest 2012, in the old town centre of Lendava, where we were testing our cooking knowledge in cooking our traditional food known as bograč (pronounced as bograch).

Bograč is a dish of local cuisine, prepared by our ancestors, farmers, shepherds and growers, and is served on a number of social events. Bograč cooking in the natural environment is an interesting social event in our region. By ordinance, the county and the city of Lendava since 2011 became The world capitol of Bograch.


BOGRAČFEST 2012 in Lendava – PHOTOS

20120826_gml_bogracfest_02 20120826_gml_bogracfest_03 20120826_gml_bogracfest_04 20120826_gml_bogracfest_05 20120826_gml_bogracfest_06 20120826_gml_bogracfest_07 20120826_gml_bogracfest_08