Exhibition of works made on one of the International Fine Arts Colonies in Lendava

Slovenia’s Northeast is without a doubt, both topographical and anthropological, as well as culturally a unique world. The land at the edge of the vast Pannonian Plain is a promising place where a modern – contemporary thought can fully be expressed. The last quarter of the 20th century means an extremely important chapter in the cultural and artistic history of Lendava. This period brought us the phenomenon of different artistic directions and a variety of artistic manifestations, and through the past three decades, this small town with an archaic atmosphere, has grown into a regional centre of contemporary art.

The Gallery-Museum Lendava, with its headquarters at Lendava Castle, established itself as a successful/productive meeting place for artists of different backgrounds, and as a space of innovative art events, designed as a platform for promoting sociability, to enable creative exchange and/or motivation.

The International Fine Arts Colony Lendava, opened its doors back in 1973, and although the idea behind these summer gatherings remains unchanged throughout the years, its scheme/format changed several times.

In 2005 was one of such challenges and a big step forward, when the Gallery-Museum Lendava managed to obtain its own mobile foundry. It is difficult to stress the importance of this acquisition, as there is hardly any similar project around Europe, that would highlight and professionally approach the work/process of casting in bronze.

But casting in bronze, is not only a technical – technological rebirth of the International Fine Arts Colony – Lendava, it also transmits our vision of sustaining this ancient sculptural technique and create a unique collection of small scale bronze statues. Each participating artist/sculptor is asked to donate one of his here produced works to the collection of GML.

However this sculpture must remind unique; another cast of the same model is thus prohibited. International Fine Arts Colony – Lendava is opened to established artists / sculptors, but does not exclude young emerging artists who are interested to gain insight into the complex method of casting in bronze.

On a basis of an open call, we shortlist and invite six artists, and two casting masters who help the participants by the materialization of their creative ideas. Each participant is provided with accommodation, food, adequate working space, as well as art materials (clay, wax, plaster, silicone, bronze).

Sculptures created during the workshop become part of our permanent art collection of bronze statues, exhibited at our attic gallery, and  are also documented in an accompanying colour catalogue.

With this Fine Arts Colony the Slovenian art scene won a unique art manifestation, which is already paying off, however the true results are by their nature rather long term and will, in all its positivity reveal over time. The future of this programme is largely dependent on the continued openness and its gradual institutionalization.

Through a network of art workshops and acquaintances the so called Lendava “challenge” may be presented in new areas. Part of these links are also exchanging exhibitions, collaborative performances and winning recognition of established galleries within the European Union. This way the already created conditions will sustain and upgrade, to host new generation of artists that will enrich the Slovenian national artistic cultural field.


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