Publishing date: 24. 08. 2016 | Category: NEWS, PAST

Exhibition in Museom of Citizenry: OUR MUSEUM

Nas muzej_vabilo_A5_mailInvitation

Gallery-Museum Lendava kindly invites you and your friend to an exhibition with the title


which opening will be held on Saturday, 27 August 2016 at 11 h/a.m. in the Museum of Citizenry (Glavna ulica 52/Main Street 52) in Lendava v Lendavi.

The exhibition will present objects of cultural heritage by enthusiasts, who have generously donated them to the museum in the year of 2016.

The exhition will be opened by Beata Lazar, director of GML
and by dr. Lendvai Kepe Zoltán, Ethnologist.

The exhibition will be on display until 30 September 2016.

Lendva Községi Magyar Nemzeti Önkormányzati Közösség/Madžarska samoupravna narodna skupnost občine Lendava
Ministrstvo za kulturo Republike Slovenije
Občina Lendava / Lendva Község