Date posted: 03. 12. 2020 | Category: NEWS

This happy day of culture 2020

This year’s “Happy Day of Culture” is marked differently. Something special. Like the expiring year. Despite the epidemic, that closed the doors of cultural institutions, there are also some good stories in the cultural field, intertwined with the enthusiasm, perseverance and optimism of cultural figures, artists…

Culture is the foundation of every civilization, without it we are like a tree without roots.
A nation without culture is a nation without identity. Despite the difficult conditions, we have wide-spread wings, ready to take off towards the sun. Like butterflies of our compatriot, artist Štefan Galič. His legacy, a rich collection of butterflies on display at Lendava castle, constantly reminds us of changing times, and at the same time gives us hope, that the world, despite its apparent grayness, can be even more colorful if we try to see it that way.

This happy day of culture is an informal holiday in Slovenia, which is celebrated every year on December 3, the birthday of the Slovenian poet France Prešeren.