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UPCOMMING: GOYA – Los Caprichos

Los Caprichos

plakat_goya_100x70cm_20140409_spletWithout a doubt, the significance of Goya’s series of etchings, the Caprichos (whims, incursions), has been preserved for the history of art over a period of 215 years. Goya began working on it in 1793; its publication followed in 1799. The artist created the political and socio-critical prints during a time of economic crisis in Spain. The series consists of 80 sheets, which originated in a mixture of traditional aquatint and etching. The Caprichos depict the society of the artist’s lifetime and deal with such subjects as the Spanish Inquisition, corruption, social abuses and the clergy, as well as innumerable foibles and follies. The socially critical and satirical etchings portray human characters and reflect aggression, anger, sarcasm and disappointment.

The ruthless satire seen in these graphic works of the Spanish artist mark the Caprichos as the greatest masterpiece of socially critical art of all time. Thanks to his gripping engravings, he must have been an example and challenge for all subsequent artists.

The exhibition presents the 80 prints of Goya’s Caprichos and will be available for viewing from June 6 to September 30, 2014 at the Gallery-Museum Lendava.

Exhibition organizers: The Gallery-Museum Lendava and the Municipality of Lendava.