Date posted: 11. 09. 2020 | Category: NEWS, ON TOUR


17th September 2020, Thursday, at 7 p.m, Hungarian Cultural Institute

Born in Fire – Selection from the works of the Lendava Bronze Casting Symposium

Curator of the exhibition: Atilla Pisnjak

The International Fine Arts Colony in Lendava, established in 1973, has come a long and varied way. Year 2005 meant the biggest change when the participants of the colony first used bronze casting, which has since become the exclusive technique of the fine arts colony. Between 2005 and 2019, more than 120 works were created by 54 artists, which are permanently exhibited in the attic of the Lendava castle.

The material of “Born in Fire” was created on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the symposium with the aim of making the fine arts colony and the collection more widely known. An important aspect of the selection of the pieces from the permanent collection of the Gallery-Museum in Lendava was, that each year of the colony should be represented by at least one piece of art and that the work of as many artists as possible should be presented to the audience of Ljubljana. In the spirit of this, including but not only, the works of Drago Tršar, Mojca Smerdu, Mirsad Begić, Metka Kavčič, Metod Frlic, Király Ferenc from Slovenia, Gábor Veres, Colin Foster and Sándor Györfi from Hungary will be exhibited.