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INVITATION: International Museum Day (18 May 2016)

Letak A5_web1You are kindly invited to our events
at the International Museum Day:

At 10 h/10 a.m.
Museum of Citizenry (Glavna ul. 52)

A book presentation:

Lyndvamuseum 10
Manuale Pharmaceuticum Lindvense

In commemoration of the 180th anniversary of founding of the first pharmacy in Lendava and Pomurje region, the facsimile manuscript book will be presented by senior curator dr. Lendvai Kepe Zoltán.

Museum pedagogical workshop:
World of medicinal plants
Museum educational workshop for primary school pupils will be hosted by biology teacher Rozalija Vajdič.

At 19 h/7 pm
Lendava Castle
Guided tour through the exhibition
Joan Miró

Professional guiding by art historian dr. Janez Balažic.

Opening hours at the International Museum Day:
Lendava castle: 8.00 – 21.00/9 pm
Citizenry, typography and umbrella manufactory in Lendava: 10.00 – 16.00/4 pm
Synagogue Lendava: 10.00 – 14.00/2 pm

All events organized by GML

LYNDVAMUSEUM 10: Manuale Pharmaceuticum Lindvense