Date posted: 31. 01. 2015 | Category: NEWS, PAST

Slovenian Cultural Holiday 2015


At the Slovenian Cultural Holiday 2015 we kindly invite you to a central event, which will be held on Wednesday, 4 February 2015, at 17h/5 pm at the Lendava Castle.

The official speaker will be mag. Julijana Bizjak Mlakar, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

mag. Anton Balažek
Mayor of Municipality of Lendava


The programme will feature:
• Andi Sobočan on cymbals
Reciter from DSŠ Lendava
• Chamber Choir Vita Lendava

The event will be concluded with the opening of the 1st International Photography Exihibition Pannonia Reflections.

One hour before and after the event we will organize transport from the Church of St. Catherine to the Lendava Castle and vice versa.

IMAGE OF THE INVITATION vabilo_slov_kultpraznik_2015_splet-1

1st International Photography Exhibition

plakat_pannonia_reflect_1SAL_100x70cm_20150114_webPhotographic Society Pannonia and Gallery-Musem Lendava kindly invites you and your friend to the opening ceremony of the 1st International Photography Exhibition Pannonia Reflections, that will be held on 4 February 2015 at 17h/5 pm, celebrating the Slovenian Cultural Holiday 2015 in Lendava Castle.

The exhibition will be professionally presented
by Ivo Borko, President of the Photographic Association of Slovenia.

The exhibtion will be on view until 24 February 2015.



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