Date posted: 14. 05. 2015 | Category: NEWS

The International Museum Day in Lendava (18 May 2015)

Vabilo-letak_SLO_web_1000pxWe kindly invite you on the International Museum Day in Lendava to the following events:

At 16h/4 pm
Synagogue Lendava

Life in Israel

Lecture by Vladimir Vajda from Lendava, who lived in Israel

At 18h/6 pm
v galeriji lendavskega gradu

Presentation of the book:
Lyndvamuseum 8 – Znameniti Lendavčani I. (Famous people of Lendava I.)

The book will be presented by dr. Lendvai Kepe Zoltán, senior Curator of Gallery-Museum Lendava

Professional guidance:
Hommage à Picasso

Professional lead through the exhibition by art historian mag. Breda Škrjanec

At 20h/8 pm
Synagogue Lendava
Concert of the former and present learners of the Music School Lendava

Opening hours at the International Museum Day:
Lendava castle: 8.00 – 20.00 (8 am – 8 pm)
Museum of Citizenry, typography and umbrella manufactory in Lendava: 10.00 – 16.00
Synagogue Lendava: 10.00 – 21.00

Organizer: Galerija-Muzej Lendava/Galéria-Múzeum Lendva