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41st International Fine Arts Colony, Lendava 2013 – Casting in bronze

Call for Artists from the Lendava Gallery-Museum (Slovenia) With the following information and stipulations, we invite sculptors who wish to take part in the 41st International Fine Arts Colony (9th Bronze Casting Colony) at Lendava’s castle from September 1st until September 16th, 2013.

A Presentation of the Gallery-Museum Lendava:

Situated in scenic surroundings and towering above the pleasant small town of Lendava is its castle,  which houses the nationally and internationally acclaimed, emblematic cultural and artistic institution, the Lendava Gallery-Museum. That it transcends the classical, culture-museum role and its commitment to the fine arts is evident in the fact that this year, 2013, it offers hospitality to contemporary artists for the 41st time, and it will provide them as usual with ideal surroundings for creativity. Presently the International Fine Arts Colony of Lendava is focusing upon that field of sculpting that deals with the use of the lost-wax method of casting figures in bronze.

Introducing the art colony and casting in bronze:

The dominant goal of our fine arts colony is to establish a unique international collection of small sculptures in bronze in Slovenia; in other words, a collection of contemporary sculptures and its enrichment through original exponents which are on view only in galleries, and which were completed at the castle during the colony by the artists themselves. Lendava’s is the only bronze-casting colony in Slovenia; five to six artists take part each year. The low number of participating sculptors, and the guaranteed provisions and workshops, provide our artistic guests the possibility of experimentation. The sculptors experience the whole process on the spot, from the independent creation of wax molds and casting the works in bronze to the finishing (chasing and patina) of the piece, and throughout the entire process, they encounter a sort of spiritual workshop, a creative unity. Skilled masters of the trade are present to administer advice and suggestions and to actively aid the artists in preparing molds, attaching sprues and gates (pipes) and, in the ultimate bronze casting. After each fine arts colony, and in cooperation with an art historian, the Gallery-Museum Lendava publishes a colored catalog in three languages (Slovene, Hungarian and English). The new creations that enhance the gallery’s collection are exhibited in the Permanent Exhibition of Small Bronze Sculptures in the castle’s “Attic Gallery”. Works are also chosen from the collection to be exhibited in respected cultural institutions throughout Slovenia, Hungary and other European countries, thereby ensuring international publicity. Candidates for participation responding to Lendava Gallery-Museum’s public invitation will be selected for the 9th International Fine Arts Colony for Casting in Bronze through the suggestions and decisions of a professional jury made up of the gallery’s Director, an art historian, art colleagues, and the participating experts in bronze casting. Application documents must be sent directly to the Gallery-Museum Lendava, either by regular mail or by e-mail. Deadline date: Friday, 31st of May 2013. A list of the invited artists can be expected by the 15th of Juny 2013.

Obligations of the 9th Fine Arts Colony (the 41st International Fine Arts Colony). The Lendava Gallery-Museum assures:

  • Complete room and board
  • Workshop or studio in the castle
  • Maximum dimension of the planned bronze small sculpture to be cca. 50x25x25 cm
  • Material for working: clay, plaster of Paris for modeling, silicon rubber, beeswax, wax for casting, etc.
  • Material for modeling: for making casting molds
  • Placing pipes into the wax molds and other preparations (with the help of casting experts)
  • Transporting the casting molds and baking them (burnout) in a gas kiln (with the help of casting experts)
  • Smelting and casting in bronze (with the help of casting experts)
  • Basic materials for finishing (chasing), polishing and patina
  • Rounding off: selecting stones or other material for exhibition stands
  • Continuous expert help and advice
  • Publicity (contact with the press, art historians, sponsors)

Participants may bring their own special tools and other materials to which they are accustomed and use them during the colony. In accordance with personal requirements and working methods, the sculptors may prepare in their own studio and bring along with them either a finished or a partially finished wax model of their sculpture (which they will then complete at the colony).

Obligations of the participating artists are:– to provide Lendava Gallery-Museum with the following documents by the designated deadline:

  • personal information, reachability
  • short professional resume, references
  • draft of their planned small sculpture (sketch, drawing, model, photograph, etc.)
  • short description of their planned small sculpture (technique, dimensions, etc.)
  • a statement as to why they think small sculptures are special and unique
  • a brief description of the work they plan to do at the colony (modeling, working processes, etc.)
  • other pertinent information (special requirements, wishes, etc.)

In exchange for participation in the fine arts colony, the selected artists:

  • must present the Gallery-Museum Lendava at the end of the colony with one unique small sculpture completed at the colony and suitable for exhibitions
  • will not expect the Gallery-Museum Lendava to pay any traveling expenses or fees of any sort
  • may make and cast an additional small sculpture in bronze for themselves


Address: Galerija – Muzej Lendava, 9220 Lendava, Bánffyjev trg 1, Slovenija
Telephone: + 386 (0) 2 578 9260