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4th International Salon of Photography: PANNONIA REFLECTIONS 2017


The Gallery-Museum Lendava and the Photographic Society Pannonia
kindly invites you and your friends to the opening of the exhibition of the

Pannonia Reflections:
4th International Salon of Photography

which will be held on Friday, 2nd Febuary 2018 at 6 pm in Lendava Castle.

Opening speech by Vinko Šebrek, artist photographer (AFIAP, EsFIAP).


The exhibition is on view until 5 March 2018.

Photographs are mirrors
and windows into life and art

“There is a mirror that reflects the portrait of the artist, who created the photography, and there is a window through which we can see and understand the world around us in a better way.”

John Szarkovski (1925–2007), American curator, photographer and theoretician

The Photographic society Pannonia from Slovenia/Lendava has been successfully promoting and encouraging contemporary photographic creations with competitions and exhibitions under the title Pannonia Reflections, which were now organised for the fourth time in a row and are divided into 4 theme sections. The Pannonia Reflections competitions and exhibitions are organised annually under high patronage and in compliance with the rules of international photographic associations (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique – FIAP and The Photographic Society of America – PSA) and the Slovenian national organisation Photographic Federation of Slovenia – FZS. This year’s exhibition carries the same value and enjoys the same reputation as any other Pannonia Reflections exhibition from previous years. They all carried a message of wider importance and were focused on aesthetic, narrative and conceptual values.

Exhibitions give us the opportunity to see photographic achievements of broad creative expression and artistic creation with a camera, i.e. everything from realistic photographs captured in those “crucial moments” to all kinds of creative achieve- ments that were created during different procedures, processes and authorial approaches while taking photos and also in the postproduction phase. In this catalogue we introduced all awarded photographs and even some of the received ones that didn’t win an award, but have definitely shown freshness, originality, innovativeness, skilful use of the camera and successful exploitation of its features, possessed a unique artistic expression and mastered the digital processing softwares, showed an indispensable feeling for the composition and layout of primary and secondary, expressed profound colour sensitivity and presented different tonal solutions.

The success of this exhibition and the entire manifestation was affected by multiple factors; among them the high quality of the selected (accepted) and especially awarded photographs as well as the responsible, professional and excellent work of the Pannonia photographic association’s leadership, which took care of everything from preparing and carrying out the competition, taking care of the awards and prices, designing and printing the representative catalog of the exhibition and ensuring high professionalism, enviable expertise and artistic culture of the members of the international jury. The exhibition testifies and talks about authors with a vision and talent, who constantly follow the impulses of life, time and movement in the field of art, especially in the field of photography, and create specific, special and resourceful photographic art.

In conclusion I would just like to add that exhibitions, even though they unite different themes, authorial expressions and subjective approaches to the photographic medium, create an interesting and consistent whole. Photography are, just like the famous photographer and artist John Szarkovski determined a long time ago, “mirrors of life, reality and art and at the same time windows through which we can see and understand the world around us in a better way.” They are created in a way that corresponds with the time we live in and they were created in and they follow the rules and demands of their time.

Vinko Šebrek
AFIAP, EsFIAP photographer


PHOTOS: Exhibition opening

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PHOTOS: The exhibition

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