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EXHIBITION OF PORCELAINS: Variations from Herend


Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt.
and Gallery-Museum Lendava kindly
invites you and your friends to the ceremonial opening of the exhibition
of world famous porcelains entitled Variations from Herend, which will be held on Tuesday, 13 March 2018, at 6 pm on the Lendava castle (Lendava, Banffyjev trg 1).

Welcome speech:
Mag. Anton Balažek, Mayor of the Municipality of Lendava
Dr. Simon Attila, General Manager of Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt.
Judita Krivec Dragan, art historian

Opening of the exhibition by:
Damjana Pečnik, State Secretary at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

The program involves:
Trio Energico


Magnificent Herend

The beginnings

The home of a nearly 200-year-old Manufactory which still applies artisan technology to the magic of porcelain making is in Herend, a tiny town in the Bakony Hills, close to Balaton, the largest lake of Central Europe. Herend is a name for artistic sense and perfection all over the world.

In the 19th century it was the privilege of the aristocracy to own porcelain. Replacement pieces for the carefully guarded porcelain sets, which had arrived through the Silk Road, were reproduced with incredible meticulousness and artistic sensibility by Mór Fischer, owner of the Herend firm at that time. The small workshop founded by Vince Stingl in 1826 began to flourish under his leadership. What’s more, Lajos Kossuth, governor-president of Hungary, highly appreciated Herend porcelain already in 1842 and the international success was not far offeither. At the very first world fair in London in 1851, Queen Victoria was so smitten by a décor featuring lovely peonies and playful butterflies that she ordered a complete set with the same décor. The fateful event is still remembered today: the most famous pattern of Herend is called Victoria. Since then, the art of Herend has been admired and appreciated by emperors and kings paying their respect to the magic of this inimitable and splendid artisan work. From the very first touch of the raw material to the last brush stroke, the creation and decoration of Herend Porcelain is an extraordinary celebration of the art of creative people and hand-making. With 192 years of history and skills behind it, the Manufactory is able to create a combination of 16,000 shapes and 4,000 patterns. There is no doubt that the selection of porcelain items is extremely wide and the possibilities are almost unlimited; since Herend people are convinced that impossible does not exist, it is just another opportunity!

Variations for Herend

This incomparable range of products guarantees that Herend Porcelain items can be sumptuously presented in any theme. In every time, in every age and in every style, everybody can find a favourite Herend product. Since Herend s product development is exceptional: 350-400 new Herend products are created annually. Tradition and innovation! These two words best express Herends strength, and why it has become the worlds largest porcelain manufactory in the present day. Preserving the traditions of the past, innovating and being at the forefront with our novelties; pushing the limits of technology, adapting to age and changes from day to day, and constantly being able to renew: this exhibition focuses primarily on this circle of thought. It can be best illustrated by the development of Victoria, one of our oldest patterns, as the main highlight of the exhibition with its many colour variations and adaptations to current trends over the decades. There are also a number of masterpieces on display, which are bravura pieces because of their size, design or other parameters. These are typically limited edition, exclusive pieces representing the outstanding knowledge of the stronghold of artisan porcelain-making! Herend! In countless variations, praising the manual skills of Herend masters.

Herend Porcelain is a Hungaricum and a concept. Herend is a guarantee for royal quality luxury porcelain and the hand-made porcelain wonder of high value and exquisite beauty, backed up by close to two centuries of professional knowledge and artistic skills representing eternal and true value. Herend is part of the Hungarian Heritage and the European Cultural Heritage, and presents its knowledge and variations to the public in a special selection, this time in the historic Lendava Castle!

13th March 2018

Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd.






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PHOTOS: Exhibition opening

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