Date posted: 12. 11. 2015 | Category: NEWS, PAST

FINE ARTS EXHIBITION: Peter Orban & Szerdi Gábor


Gallery-Museum Lendava
kindly invites you and your friends
to the opening of an exhibition of artworks by
Peter Orban and Gábor Szerdi,
which will be held on Friday, 20 November 2015 at 18h (6 pm) at Lendava castle.

The exhibition will be opened by Edita Filo,
art historian.

The exhibition is on display until 15 December 2015.

On this occasion an exhibition of sculptures created at the 43rd International Fine Arts Colony Lendava 2015 will also be held in the Attic Gallery of Lendava Castle.

The exhibition will be opened by Pavel Toplak, art historian.


Vabilo-Meghivo_zunanja1 Vabilo-Meghivo_zunanja1

PHOTOS: The opening of the Orban-Szerdi exhibition and the opening of the exhibition of bronze sculptures, created on the 43rd International Fine Arts Colony in Lendava, 2015

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PHOTOS: Orban-Szerdi exhibition in the gallery

20151120_orban-szerdi_postavitev_00001 20151120_orban-szerdi_postavitev_00002 20151120_orban-szerdi_postavitev_00003 20151120_orban-szerdi_postavitev_00004 20151120_orban-szerdi_postavitev_00005

PHOTOS: Bronze sculptures, created on the 43rd International Fine Arts Colony in Lendava 2015, in the Attic Gallery

20151120_43MLK_razstava_00002 20151120_43MLK_razstava_00001 20151120_43MLK_razstava_00003 20151120_43MLK_razstava_00004 20151120_43MLK_razstava_00005 20151120_43MLK_razstava_00006